A specially constructed multi-level rail car used to transport automobiles. A committed train using 70 Autoracks is capable of transporting more than Auto Transport Washington vehicles at one time.

Auto Transport

Moving or shipping automobiles as freight. Auto shippers are strongly encouraged to find reputable, fully-insured, financially powerful car haulers.


Refers to the car hauler’s chance to get another load of vehicles close to the destination at which they delivered their first loading; i.e., returning to the origin of their first load. A to B, then B to A.

Bi-Level Rail Car

A kind of rail car used for automobile transport, called a bi-level because it has two decks, an upper and a lower. Bi-level ability is between 8 – 12 vehicles.

Car Hauler/Carrier

A business which provides automobile transport service; the physical transportation of a vehicle.

Car Carrier / Automobile Transport Equipment

An especially constructed semi-trailer (unpowered unit) usually capable of hauling up to 9 vehicles. Some vehicles are backed on the trailer while others are pushed nose to begin with to help optimize space or meet overhang requirements. Large vehicles are often transported on the top level of multi-deck transport trailers.

Delivery Network

A intricate system of linked trucks, railroads and ships used to transport cars. Car haulers with access to all modes of automobile transport have a powerful shipping network that provides efficient automobile shipping to fulfill their clients’ time and price requirements.

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