But in case you and your car want back the garage, there is an answer and it will not cost too much either. You don’t need to have a garage sale or get offside with all the relatives by giving their prized possessions. Consider it. There is a good reason that all those items have collected in the garage. It is the ideal storage shed for the items that are too big to fit anywhere else, are only used once or twice each year and are sure to be required by someone in the household some day soon. The solution is to find another way to put away everything that’s cluttering up the garage. Fortunately, someone with a bit of forethought has produced the answer – self storage 5×5 storage unit.

Most towns and cities have firms nearby offering this service at very affordable rates. It is the perfect way to have the space back in your garage and also keep everybody on side. The unit will be convenient enough for everyone to get their belongings when they are needed. And the entire place will be protected and tracked when you’re not around so that your prized items are kept safe and sound.

Self storage components are a whole lot drier than most garages also. Your gear will be in precisely the right condition if you require it and it will be exactly where you left it, because you are the only one with the essential. If your car is beginning to seem a bit dejected and the garage is becoming more difficult to close, look at using a self storage unit near your home. You will wonder why you did not do it years earlier!

With 4 convenient locations in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga and lots of storage unit size options, Guardian Storage is ideal for temporary storage if you are between homes. And also to get your things there or proceed from A to B we have a fleet of immaculately presented, contemporary and easy self control van and removal trucks that are ideal for your next DIY move! Many of our trucks can be driven on a car license, many are automatic.

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