The Olympics are similar to any other athletic contest on Earth. For 16 days, over 300 events representing 35 sports and each nation on Earth compete to take home their precious awards, and I’ve looked forward to seeing the Summer Olympics every four years as far back as I can recall. But there has been something missing. Among the United 슈어맨 many well-known sports, plus a top 10 game around the Earth, it seems like flag and tackle football could be Olympic sports from the year 2024, but problem barriers still remain for this to turn into a reality. First we will walk through several reasons why the path to becoming American Soccer included to the Olympics hasn’t been a simple trip, followed by the reason why we believe flag soccer are the logical alternative and alternative as a prospective Olympic game.

According to a post by, the largest logistical issues facing the game of American Football being contained from the Olympics are quite like that of Rugby. Together with the huge numbers of participants on each group, the”gender equality” formats at which both women and men take part in every game, along with the compacted 3 week program that would be demanding with a more physical sport such as soccer and rugby. Additionally for American Soccer, the barrier to entry is high because of it’s price to equip players together with pads and equipment, and it’s also been slow to embrace in several overseas nations, particularly of the weaker variety.
Understanding all this, it is difficult to see the way the game are a fantastic match for your Summer Olympics. Rugby is much like Soccer because very little is required to play the game concerning equipment and exercise in it’s base amount, also contains a considerably larger international after. This among other reasons has just enabled Rugby to be rid of the Olympics beginning in 2016 by altering the conventional style to a traditional”sevens” format that’s faster paced with much less people, which might help split a similar route for American Soccer, or flag football more especially.

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