The Penny remained the exact same for 50 years. This was designed by Victor David Brenner, whose ribbon appeared on the opposite, of some, of those coins created that first year. There are two forms of this 1909, a few have the VDB on the opposite, (back of coin) in the bottom of the coin at the 6 o’clock position, and many others do not. The pennies were minted at Philadelphia, Pa. and also San Francisco, May. The pennies out of san-francisco have a little”s” under the date whereas the Philadelphia coins have zero mintmark. The coins to watch for are the people together with mintmarks; this pertains to all coins maybe not simply free spins for coin master. The value of coins is greatly predicated on charm with the Philadelphia mint being the biggest of the mints; it had been natural for them to produce the greatest number of gold coins. There’s also a mint in Denver, Co. along with a mint, which had been shut via this time in Carson town. Even the Denver mint place a small”d” below the date and also on elderly coinage of different type s you are going to find the letters”CC” to get Carson town.

Mint Marks are Important, learn to watch for them.

Straight back to pennies, in 1909 when the first Lincoln (wheat cent) penny was made, they created 72,702,618 from Philadelphia minus the painters, Victor David Brenner, initials. They made 27,995,000 with all the VDB on the reverse of pennystocks. The identical calendar year, 1909,” San Francisco minted 1,825,000 without the designer’s initials and 484,000 with all the initials VDB on the reverse in the base of the coin. So today for the economics lesson of demand and supply and the way that it affects price tag. If you had a 1909-penny at”great” state it’d be worth about seventy five cents, in”mint” state it would be valued at about £ 14.00. In the event you’d a 1909 using VDB on the reverse in”very good” state, it would be worth about £ 1.80, in”mint” condition ( I can’t reveal this ) the worth is currently roughly $9.00 ( the only apparent reason for its penny with the reduce mintage staying worth less in mint condition afterward a basic 1909 in mint condition, is that in numismatic information kept from the score solutions, there are almost certainly far more 1909 VDB’s on listing than ordinary 1909’s) Should you’d a 1909s at”excellent” condition it’s really worth £ 37.00, in”mint” condition about $120.00. If you had been lucky enough to obtain a 1909s with the initials VDB on the opposite at”great” state it’s well worth $350.00 as well as in”mint” condition it’s really worth £ 680.00 or longer. Bad for a penny.

In all coin types and also show there’s exactly what exactly are known as”key dates”, for now lets just say that they have been very important because of lots of facets (another large subject), but which they are important in collecting coins of types, not simply pennies. The”keywords” for the Lincoln penny 1909-1958 are:


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